Health And Nutritional Supplements, The 120 Day Principle And Experiencing The ‘Health’ Matrix

We want instant results, and when do we want them? NOW! We want health and nutritional supplements and drugs promising quick results, two minute instant noodles, microwave dinners, instant messaging, teleconferencing, lightning fast broadband connection, speed dating, multitasking, ATM’s, 7 Eleven’s, fast foods, buy now pay later, no interest for six months, movie and music downloads, ICQ, instantly connecting with friends on my space, sharing your blog to the world. We want results now, now, now!

We are very much an ‘instant’ society where we expect and even demand that we see results from our actions or others straight away without delay. We are no longer as mindful of serenity now because we have become a generation of now.

In this article I will be discussing the effects generation now is having on health and the taking of nutritional supplements and the importance of the 120 day principle. I will also be talking about the paradox of describing something when we should really be experiencing it and I will conclude with a discussion of the consequences of two possible choices: to either accept the blue pill of instant gratification or the red pill of delayed gratification.

The ‘Generation Now’ Society

We are constantly on the go, rushing here and rushing there. Either our mind is moving faster than our body, or our body is moving faster than our mind. They are rarely synchronized and working together in harmony. The Nike term ‘Just do it’ has become intertwined with our expectations of the present moment. We want everything all ready and waiting to go, so all we have to do is ‘just add water’ and we get an instant result. For some things like when we make a phone call overseas this is fine as we no longer have to go through a call center to get connected like we once did in the past. But when it comes to other things like the area of health and nutritional supplements this type of ‘instant results’ mentality can be quite disastrous and have sloppy consequences.

Just say a person made a decision to focus on their health and take nutritional supplements like a multivitamin. They get all excited about the benefits they are going to receive so they religiously take the multivitamin every day for a few weeks, then they finish it and they are upset because they didn’t receive all the benefits they thought they would. And especially after such a ‘long time’. So they decide to either forget about their health altogether and go back to their old habits or they decide to move on to the next health and nutritional supplement or multivitamin that promises to solve their problems.

This pattern could go on and on. What they need to realize is that when it comes to health matters and the body, change is usually a more gradual thing, with slower and more gradual results. For example, multivitamins are not drugs. They work more slowly and with the body. They do not rely on the ‘band aid effect’, where instant results are felt in the short term but in the long term nothing changes.

The 120 Day Principle

This is where the 120 day principle comes into play. The 120 day principle is a term that basically states that change in health habits like taking a multivitamin supplement, a herbal supplement, a protein powder or a change in your diet or exercise habits can sometimes be noticed straight away or within a few weeks, but the main health giving changes will be mainly felt after about 120 days.

Why 120 days?

This figure has been determined by research to be the life cycle of a red blood cell, so that after 3 months the red blood cells of your body are completely renewed. The foundation of your health and well being is the state and quality of your blood. And the state of your blood is the deciding factor for the quality of your cells, hormones, tissues and organs of your body. Every day our blood quality is the result of our diet, lifestyle and the health and nutritional supplementations we take or do not take. After 120 days the red blood cells are completely regenerated and have literally been able to ‘reinvent’ themselves if they have been given the appropriate nutrition and the necessary time. Interestingly enough according to research our whole body is completely replaced over the course of seven years, that includes bones as well!

So it’s a good idea to take your health supplements such as multivitamins for at least four months before you make your judgment. This is why you must be diligent before you purchase a product and make a proper review using high quality information. I know this sounds like a long time but there are too many people caught in the trap where they bounce around from one health supplement, multivitamin or bodybuilding supplement to the next and never really reap any major health benefits.

Experiencing The Matrix Of Health

The other problem with ‘generation now’ and the taking of health and nutritional supplements is that we rarely ever get to experience the amazing effects of taking a supplement such as a multivitamin (as long as it is of high quality), because we talk about the results we want and expect them to happen but we don’t give it a long enough time line for it to have an effect on our cells.

This reminds me of the scene in the movie The Matrix where Morpheus is giving Neo a description of the matrix, which he says you can only understand if you have experienced it directly for yourself. Neo is then presented with two differently colored pills, a blue and a red one, each with a different consequence and effect. If we apply this to your health then the choice is whether you only want to read or talk about the effects of a nutritional supplement or have the direct experience of the changes taking place over 120 days. Words can never do justice to the experience of red blood cells rebuilding themselves with potent, rich and nutritious supplements and healthy nutrients. It can be tough getting motivated to keep taking the same thing for such a long period of time but the benefits can be outstanding!

The Choice

I hope by now you have discovered the trap of ‘generation now’ and the power of the 120 day principle and realize the importance of giving health and nutritional supplements time to work with your body in the appropriate time frame so that you can truly experience the benefits of your supplements.

So if you had two outstretched arms in front of you with a different colored pill in each hand, I hope you will now know which one to pick. If you take the blue pill you may get excited by the bogus claims of instant results but in the long run you will almost certainly be disillusioned and let down. But if you take the red pill and delay all expectations of instant gratification and instead take the supplement in a relaxed manner then you will almost certainly experience what long lasting changes can do for you.

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